Six lies of Success

Today I had the privilege to attend a talk of Jim McKelvey co-founder of Square. Jim is not only a serial entrepreneur but he is a gifted speaker, too.


He started his speech by the title “Lies of success”. He then lined up six common golden rules that are believed to be true and started to explain how they proved to be inconsistent with his experience.


He stroke through one after the other and replaced it by his truth:

1. Seek opportunities – Solve problems
Opportunities are countless therefore look for problems that need to be solved.

2. Ship great products – Be fast and good
Instead of launching great products develop them by involving your peers.

3. Invent something – Assume technology
When Steve Jobs was asked: What’s the button for on the iPad? He replied: “It does what you want it to do.” Instead of inventing a new iPad customise it your way and create something bigger.


4. Work fast – Be patient
Find the right moment to do something. “Fast” is not the only essence.

5. Study great leader – Question everything
When Jim had to give a talk just after Jack Welch he felt overchallenged. His seat mate told him: “You know, Jack is a brilliant keynote speaker and probably one of the best mangers ever, but his methods are not the only truth and may not work implicitly.”

6. Be bold – Humbly persevere
Sometimes you need to be patient and sit it through.


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