Market research (r)evolution

Companies still neglect vital product and business feedback found in social media. Agreed, it is difficult to get the message out of the massive noise. Therefore professionals must develop new ways on how to listen to customers’ voice. The following process represents the (r)evolution of market research: Microblogs (i.e. Twitter) are a valuable resource and this is the process to be used:

Strategic listening steps with microblog

Phase 1: Screening phase (research)

1.    Tracking trends


Strategic listening

2.    Setting objectives and goals

Systematic design

3.    Identifying particulars

4.    Retrieving data

Data collection

5.    Processing data

Data analysis

6.    Delivering insights


7.    Reflecting screening phase


8.    Setting up strategy for phase 2

Phase 2: Conversation phase (relationship)

1.    Resuming listening



2.    Creating personal network (panel)

3.    Delivering valuable content

4.    Gaining deeper insights


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