Prevent yourself from copy/paste marketing

He is one of the marketing guys that critically comments on the scene. His article’s abstract provides an insight that should make marketers listen up and rethink their practices:

“Today’s consumers are marketing literate. They are acquainted with the tricks of the trade. They can deconstruct advertising campaigns in double-quick time and are fatigued by marketers’ fake familiarity, bogus benevolence, pseudo concern, friendly firesales. Cognizant that consumers are cognizant of them, marketing executives have responded to this second-guessing game in four main ways – with irony, via nostalgia, through inclusion and by means of mediability. Taken together, these responses represent an alternative to the “modern” marketing concept of Drucker, Levitt and Kotler, one that is more appropriate to our postmodern, postironic, post-Enron epoch.”

Thank you, Stephen Brown.

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