The Internet is bottomless – and Market Research is out!

Poking around the Internet I am always impressed of its bottomlessness. (Agreed, a net has no bottom anyway.) 

Since having learned that even as a nobody it is possible to communicate easily and at marginal costs with the world I realized that this potential has not yet been discovered from many organizations. However, the number of companies engaging in social media is increasing still many of them have their long-established marketing practices and are novices in the field. Definitely those still applying traditional Market Research are quite a back number. Traditional Market Research is out!

The New Rules of Marketing and PR by David Meerman Scott demonstrate a systematic approach for Marketers new rules of Market Research are scarce. That’s why I will investigate on this topic within the scope of my Master Thesis at the University of Liverpool. The idea is to share latest insights directly with readers of this blog and initialize a dialogue.

Comments, examples, and suggestions are very welcome! – Tell me what do you know about Social Market Research / Market Research 2.0 / Strategic Listening / …

2 responses to “The Internet is bottomless – and Market Research is out!

  1. Thanks for mentioning my book. That "bottomless" factor is what makes the Web so cool as a tool for marketing & PR. You are as good as how you understand your buyers and create content for them.

  2. market research is out? You could not be more wrong…. The new Internet will facilitate so much data, that the "owners" of those data streams will have a very hard time to analyse the data in a relevant way; to interpret it and the get consumer insights… There's simply too much information for them to digest… And in comes Market Research: helping out understanding what is happening.Thanks for your post though, I 'll follow you a bit more closer. Bye

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