Kaum Sonne

Ein Wochenende an der Universität. Die grauen Wolken erleichtern mir das Drinnensein. So habe ich am Wochenende die virtuelle Universität ausgekundschaftet, an Diskussionen teilgenommen und gestellte Aufgaben bearbeitet. Ein Beispiel einer Aufgabe:

DQ1: Ethics and Academic Research


Please read the above two articles and compose a three paragraph response to the statement below:

“Plagiarism is an offence against all reputable academic endeavours and those found guilty should face punishment, regardless of their position or the timing of their ‘offence’.”

Please try to relate your response to your own academic and professional future, and make sure that in your response you cite and reference correctly!How do you physically answer the DQ? Simply open it and then Reply With Quote. You will be creating a thread.

Once you have posted your Initial Response to this, remember to also respond to the comments posted by other students in the class.You are advised to post your first response before reading any other student contributions.You can post your Initial Response when you wish but make sure that this is no later than the end of Sunday. Remember that your contribution to the discussion must occur on a minimum of 4 days out of 7 so this may have a bearing on when you wish to post your first response.

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